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Unlock a World of Opportunities in 4 weeks

Join Our Free Webinar and Discover How A CELTA Course Can Transform Your Career By Allowing You To Teach English Anywhere In The World

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Are you looking for an exciting new career change that offers adventure, cultural immersion, and the chance to make a difference?

The CELTA certificate is an internationally recognised qualification that equips you with the skills and credentials to teach English anywhere in the world.

Join our upcoming webinar where our experienced teachers will guide you through the CELTA process, share their travel stories, and answer all your questions.

What You’ll Learn in the Webinar

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Meet Your Webinar Host

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"I feel well-equipped to teach now. Informative and engaging tutors."

Hannah - Teaching English in South Korea


Where can I do a CELTA course? DC Teacher Training are delighted to offer CELTA courses online and in 5 UK cities (Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Colchester and Eastbourne).

Am I guaranteed a job after CELTA? Of course we can't guarantee a job. However, the employment market is strong in many parts of the world. There are lots and lots of vacancies for teaching positions in English speaking countries like the UK. In Asia, there is a thriving market for English teachers. For example 10% of teaching jobs in South Kirea are currently vacant. CELTA is a key to obtaining work abroad.

Do I need a degree to do CELTA? You do not need a degree to do CELTA course. You should research the country you'd like to teach in because some of them will require you to have a degree to get a working visa as a teacher, but this isn't the case with every country.

Is there an exam at the end of a CELTA course? CELTA is assessed continuously. During the course, you are assessed on the basis of teaching practice. You will complete six hours of teaching practice with real students. There is no final exam. All of the assessment takes place throughout the course.

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