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Start an exciting new career teaching English abroad!


Cambridge CELTA courses in Birmingham, BournemouthBrighton,

 Eastbourne and online.

Not sure if CELTA is right for you? Come to our live webinar - Tuesday 30th July at 6:30 pm UK time. 

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The CELTA course is the most widely recognised course in the world for training teachers of English as a foreign language. CELTA courses are certified by Cambridge and research by Cambridge Assessment shows that three out of four English language teaching jobs advertised require a CELTA. You don't need other teaching or language qualifications and you don't need to speak a foreign language!

The CELTA course focuses on developing practical techniques, and every course includes teaching practice with real groups of students in real classroom situations, whether online or face-to-face. 

CELTA is suitable both for those who are looking for their first teaching job or for those who are already teaching and are looking for a more widely recognised qualification. 

Over a billion people worldwide are learning English, so it is estimated that over 250,000 people are teaching English abroad today

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The key components of CELTA:
  • A minimum of 120 hours, made up of teaching practice, observation of peers’ teaching practice, observation of experienced teachers, guided lesson planning and feedback, individual tutorials, and input on teaching theory and methodology.

  • A minimum of 80 hours of coursework, undertaken in your own time, focusing on lesson planning and assignment preparation and writing.

  • 6 hours of observed teaching practice

  • 6 hours of observation of experienced teachers teaching

  • 4 written assignments of 750-1000 words

  • A portfolio recording all course assessments

Application process

  • The application process has four stages: 1. You complete the application form. 2. We will contact you within two business days and ask you to complete a pre-interview task with some questions about teaching and about language. 3. When you have submitted your pre-interview task, we will contact you within two business days to organise an interview, which is conducted online and lasts for about an hour. 4. If you are successful, we offer you a place on the course and you can secure your place by paying.

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old.

  • Candidates must be fluent in accurate written and spoken English.

  • All candidates should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education.

  • The potential to complete assignments and teaching practice to a satisfactory level.

  • The ability to discuss language, with appropriate prompting/support

  • (For online courses): the ability to use the online platform with minimal instruction and have appropriate technical equipment

"Inspiring teachers, with amazing techniques and practical experience"


Face-to-face CELTA course

"Not only did I develop professionally but also personally"


Online CELTA course

"Engaging and informative, with valuable, realistic teaching experience"


Face-to-face CELTA course

  • How long does CELTA take?
    We run full-time CELTA courses over 4 weeks. These courses run Monday to Friday and are usually 35 hours per week. Full-time courses can be taken online or face-to-face. We also run part-time face-to-face courses that run for 10 hours a week over 12 weeks. There are also part-time online CELTA courses which last 13 weeks. These courses include more self-study hours than other CELTA course types. You’ll be required to be online 1 day per week for 5 hours.
  • How much does CELTA cost?
    At DC Teacher Training an online CELTA course costs £1350 and a face-to-face CELTA costs £1450. We also offer and Early Bird discount of £100 for candidates who pay for their course in full 3 weeks before the course start date, meaning online courses could cost as little as £1250 and face-to-face courses £1350.
  • What is the difference between CELTA and TEFL?
    TEFL literally means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is an umbrella term for any course that focuses on teaching English abroad. CELTA is one of many different TEFL courses available on the market. What sets CELTA apart form the other courses is the accreditation from Cambridge University which is often seen by employers are superior to generic TEFL courses. All CELTA courses include 6 hours’ worth of teaching practice sessions with real students, that is assessed by experienced and accredited course tutors, while most generic TEFL courses don’t have any teaching practice at all.
  • Does it matter where I get my CELTA?
    It’s important that the centre you decide to take your CELTA course with is an approved Cambridge provider. Cambridge list all of their approved centres on their website. All approved CELTA centres will follow a standardised syllabus approved by Cambridge University and you’ll be taught by trainers who are all accredited by Cambridge. DC Teacher Training’s CELTA courses are delivered by very experienced trainers who all consistently get good feedback from trainees at the end of their courses.
  • How long is CELTA valid?
    A CELTA is a lifelong certificate. Once you pass a CELTA course, you do not need to take any refresher courses – you are a qualified English teacher for life.

Is CELTA for me?

CELTA is for you if you love discovering new cultures, languages and places and you feel like life should offer more than just a predictable 9-5 job in a sleepy office. You're the kind of person who aspires to an exciting career.  You want to have authentic experiences meeting new people in interesting places, while supporting yourself with a sustainable career.

Still not sure if CELTA is for you? We understand your concerns, because we've been on the same journey.   You can schedule a Zoom call with one of our team to discuss any queries or concerns. Everyone on our team has done a CELTA. We've all taught English abroad, and we're happy to discuss any questions with you. 

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