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Click here for your DC Teacher Training guide to teaching English abroad in 2024!

Finding a job

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A CELTA is a passport to travel. CELTA graduates go on to teach English in all parts of the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe.

At DC Teacher Training, we know that most people do a CELTA course for the work and travel opportunities that it can open up and so we help our course participants in a number of ways. 


How we can help you

  • At the end of your course, we’ll have a careers session, during which we’ll give you guidance on how to find work in the world of English language teaching, both in the UK and abroad.

  • As a DC Teacher Training graduate, you can benefit from our regular meetings and webinars with employers and job coaches after your course. 

  • You can join our private Facebook group after your course where we'll post details of job opportunities. 

  • During and after your course, we’ll put you in touch with the recruitment team at our partner school English Path, who will fill you in on job opportunities at their schools in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, London, Malta, Dubai, Toronto, Riyadh, Dublin and Berlin, our other partners ELC, who have schools in Brighton, Eastbourne and Bristol, and our other partner, Bayswater, who have schools in the UK, Canada, France, South Africa and Cyprus. At peak recruitment periods, some CELTA candidates may even be interviewed and receive job offers before their course has ended!

  • Your course tutors will act as referees for your first teaching job applications.

  • You can book a one-to-one Zoom consultation about your career prospects with one of our team members about your career prospects before you decide whether to apply for a course. 

Book a jobs meeting

One of our team will happily speak to you on Zoom about your job options before you decide whether to apply for a course.

Finding A CELTA Job Guides

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