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Why do a CELTA course in Bournemouth?

Updated: Jan 25

Why do a CELTA in Bournemouth?
Bournemouth has a long history of training English language teachers!

Bournemouth is most famous for its beaches, boasting some of the warmest waters in the UK. While many of the holiday towns on the south coast of England have pebbly beaches, Bournemouth is blessed with ten kilometres of award-winning sandy beaches and two beautiful traditional wooden piers. If you're a lover of the sea, whether what you need is the peace that comes from lying in the sunshine and hearing waves lap on the shore, or the excitement of surfing and other water sports, Bournemouth has what you're after.

Because Bournemouth is a town built around the needs of holidaymakers, that means that it has a thriving food scene and much better nightlife than other similarly sized towns. It is not just a holiday destination though. Bournemouth is the county town of Dorset and bigger than any other towns in the area, with good business and industrial infrastructure and because it's only two hours from London, it's well connected for national and international arrivals. Bournemouth also has two universities, with a student population of over 20,000.

For all these reasons, Bournemouth has a strong English language teaching scene. Every summer, Bournemouth fills with school groups of teens and children arriving to learn English and there are many teaching jobs available in peak periods of the year, but Bournemouth also has a year-round English teaching business. There are eighteen accredited English language schools in Bournemouth, dedicated to teaching English as a foreign language and this means that as well as summer groups, the town hosts adult students year-round. Bournemouth has a long tradition of offering CELTA courses, though the pandemic changed how the business works. DC Teacher Training is happy to be partnering with Bayswater to offer courses at their large well-equipped school near the town centre and re-establish Bournemouth as the place to qualify as a CELTA-trained teacher.

Our Bournemouth centre offers full-time courses, which will run Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 5:30 pm over four weeks. In 2024, we have scheduled eight courses, so you'll have plenty of options. We are also offering two part-time courses, for those who have work or other commitments. These courses will run over 12 weeks, with contact hours on Saturday mornings, as well as Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you'd like to discuss which course format would work best for you, we're happy to chat and you can book a call with us here.

Dr Connor O'Donoghue hails from Ireland and he started teaching English as a foreign language in Poland in 2003 and he became a CELTA trainer in 2008. He has taught and trained in Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Slovenia, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Connor also holds a Masters and a PhD in Education from Trinity College in Dublin. He has previously managed large teacher training centres in Vietnam and in London before founding DC Teacher Training.

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