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Online CELTA courses in 2025

2025 online CELTA dates announced

DC Teacher Training are pleased to announce our online CELTA course dates for 2025. We have scheduled eighteen courses for next year, allowing you to do a course at a time and on a schedule that suits you.

What is online CELTA?

An online CELTA is identical to a face-to-face CELTA in most respects. You follow the same syllabus, you complete the same assessments and you have the same trainers as you would on a face-to-face CELTA course. The only real difference is that the course takes place fully online. You complete your course on Zoom. This is excellent preparation for teaching online, but it also allows you to complete a CELTA from home if you don't live close to one of our face-to-face CELTA centres in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Colchester or Eastbourne. People join us from all over the world to do our online CELTA courses!

How does teaching practice work online?

Online teaching practice is surprisingly similar to face-to-face teaching practice in many respects. We organise groups of international students who wish to learn English. We divide the students according to level and they log into Zoom from their home countries. The first time you meet the students, you will watch your tutor teach them on Zoom. The second time, you will teach them, but this lesson won't be assessed - it's just a practice run. From then on, your assessed teaching practice starts. You'll teach two different groups on Zoom at two different levels, one for the first half of the course and the other for the second half.

What is the format of the full-time online CELTA?

The full-time course runs over four weeks, from Monday to Friday. All our 2025 courses are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UK time. A typical day is divided in two parts. In the afternoons, we look at the theory of teaching in workshops led by your tutors, looking at teaching techniques and methods, ways of planning lessons and of presenting grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to students. In the mornings, you put all of that into practice in the online teaching practice sessions with real students. You can find the dates for our online full-time courses here.

How does the part-time online CELTA work?

We run our part-time online CELTA courses with meetings on Zoom once a week. For the first few weeks, we have workshops, introducing the key ideas on the course - looking at managing online classes, at principles of English teaching and at how your classroom works. From the third week, your teaching practice will start. Some of our part-time courses run on a weekday evening (either Monday or Wednesday) and some on the weekend (either Saturday morning or Sunday morning). This is supplemented with our self-study units on the Cambridge Moodle, which include video and text content, as well as exercises helping you to learn about a variety of areas relating to teaching techniques and methods. Our online courses require a lot of work and commitment from trainee teachers, but because we only have live meetings once a week, it means that it's a truly flexible qualification that you can make fit with your life. You can find the dates for our online part-time courses here.

Dr Connor O'Donoghue hails from Ireland and he started teaching English as a foreign language in Poland in 2003 and he became a CELTA trainer in 2008. He has taught and trained in Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Slovenia, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Connor also holds a Masters and a PhD in Education from Trinity College in Dublin. He has previously managed large teacher training centres in Vietnam and in London before founding DC Teacher Training.

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